Cengiz Yatağan


Cengiz Yatağan brings on his canvas a parallel multi-layering that is almost impossible to demote into one line, which takes form of diversity and contrast in his works, to the audience. This multi-layering is a paradox in its own, for contrary to all the layers’ differences, they are fundamentally all one. 

Although the paint he uses multiplies recursively one layer onto the other, there is only one painting it repeats by those layers in an absolute infinity. Thus, this repeats feed themselves along with the traditional oil colour technics and also the experimental works which is the expression of endless pursuit that sets a stage for new visuals by converting the two dimension canvas.

At first sight, paintings might seem like abstract works but starting point is inspired by our actual daily lives. Today the reality stands before us as a notion which demolishes itself.

Cengiz Yatağan reflects the records of projections of the reality he sees by leaving them in a coincidental way on the canvas. There is only one impression sticks in the mind although uncategorized changefulness works: that is a deep infinity.

Cengiz Yatağan reflects the records of projections of the reality he perceives on the canvas by letting coincidence take its turn. These aforementioned, uncategorizable works, in spite of simultaneous variables, leave but one impression on our minds: a deep infinity.

Selected Exhibitions:

2019 Saatchi Gallery, Start fair / London
2019 CI Contemporary Istanbul, İstanbul
2019 Artweek Akaretler, group exhibition / Akaretler, İstanbul
2018 Artweek Akaretler, group exhibition / Akaretler, İstanbul
2018 “Immortalıty”  Curator: Tima Jam, group exhibition / Adahan, İstanbul
2018 “Tekamül” solo exhibition , Piyalepaşa, İstanbul
2017 “40 Nefes” solo exhibition, Akmerkez, İstanbul
2012 “Ruloylamala” solo exhibition, Levent Loft, İstanbul