“Immortality” // 27 June – 8 July 18 // Adahan Istanbul
You are invited to the “immortality” exhibition, where 11 Iranian artists and 11 Turkish artists come together to co-curate Tima Jam’s work.

The exhibit of immortality tells about the constant revival, the reincarnation, and the endless existence of nature. At the same time, it describes the constantly ongoing cycle of these parts which are necessarily fixed and invariable.

Artists :

Barış Sarıbaş | Cengiz Yatağan | Dilara Matarcı | Erhan Özışıklı | Ferhat Salman | Gökhan Deniz | Görkem Usta | Gülveli Kaya | Horasan | Özge Enginoz | Seydi Murat Koç

Afshin Hosseinzadeh | Ali Motamadian | Dariush Hosseini | Fatemeh Divandari | Hamid Asadi | Morteza Khosvari | Navid Zafaralizade | Reza Hosseini | Saeed Asaidi | Saghar Daeiri


Tima Jam



“Perhaps nature is our best assurance of immortality.” Eleanor Roosevelt
Nature has proved to be an immortal space for standing up against humankind’s destructive acts. Nature preserved itself against culture’s desires, fears and the power of shaping, and it has constantly renewed itself.
Immortality is eternal life, being exempt from death, unending existence. Some modern species may eventually possess biological immortality. Certain scientists, futurists, and philosophers have theorized about the immortality of the human body, with some suggesting that human immortality may be achievable in the first few decades of the next century.
Other advocates believe that life extension is a more achievable goal in the short term, with immortality awaiting further research breakthroughs. The absence of aging would provide humans with biological immortality, although not invulnerability to death by disease or physical trauma. The posited uploading of ones’ thoughts and memories could one day even overcome even the physical destruction of the body itself, however.
The exhibition «IMMORTALITY» explores a human longing to constantly regenerate, reincarnate and reach towards an unending existence as it is found in nature. At the same time necessarily fixed and immutable, these pieces capture an essence of that ambition forevermore.



contribute to the development of the art scene in Turkey, support the training of young artists an international platform in Turkey in order to ensure the inclusion of artists established under the leadership of women committed to any material non-interest expectations of art Art Association for Goodness, artist Cengiz Yatağan workshop on November 29, 2017 Wednesday visited the 126th art meeting.

Members of the Art Association for Good visited the workshop of artist Cengiz Yatağan during week 126 of his artistic meetings, which were held every week.

Cengiz Yatağan has experimented with new techniques used by a large number of media that have started to produce art in 2012, has absorbed the culture of the society in which they live and formed an eclectic image universe that shaped their work in an interactive relationship with the past.

He is one of our artists who has been firmly entrenched in the local-universal equation in Yatağan paintings and who has realized the cultural texture, color and images of the geography he lives in, and the fact that it is only possible to catch a universal language.

When you pass the pictures of Yatağan, you feel yourself in the middle of a sociological ritual. Called from a distant past, it transforms the moment we live into an exotic dream. Image cover; the one calling us, the one shouting at us. The colors of the objects, the colors, the pictures, the pictures tell other pictures.

Yagan, freedom, emancipation, captivity intersect the process of thinking on their word meanings with the production process of their paintings. It presents the material and technical differences to the audience. After that, active canvases come out. In active canvases he establishes a relationship with the viewer and can, over time, transform it if he wants it. He is editing with the spectator. By fragmenting, reducing the portability base, Yatağan makes space and completion process feel less.

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“Art Meetings” aim to revive visits to the artist’s workshop, a tradition of the Renaissance period, held every week when the artistic enthusiasts represent the masterpieces of the artists who represent our country on the international platform and the Home of the Arts for Goodness hosted every week. .org / website.

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The Art Association for Good was established as a bridge where art lovers from all walks of life met in art duties with the aim of making the art more popular, to bring the business and art world closer together, and to make the brands connect with art. As an association, we regularly visit our workshops, which represent our country internationally, as well as visits to important exhibitions and arts abroad. Having set out on the philosophy of “Art for Goodness”, the association contributes to the education of successful young people who are educated in painting, sculpture and architecture department of Fine Arts Faculty each year and promising for the future. In 2016, the Association sent Sinan University 3rd grade student to visit five arts centers in New York, Paris, Florence, Barcelona and London. Nedret Sekban and Aslı Özok organized the Art Workshop for Goodness in order to provide a new space where 10 young artist candidates could share their productions and create display alternatives by making these platform introductions. The Association for Fine Arts, which regards supporting the education of young artists as one of the basic aims of the foundation, is a 37-student with 37 students who continue their education in fine arts faculties affiliated to 12 universities in various cities of Anatolia under the name of “Impressions from Anatolia” allowing them to meet the art scene and contribute to their development.

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