Editions of different sizes with Kintsugi & Wabi Sabi Philosophy


From the past to the present, we are witnessing the disappearance of man, who is confused in the fluidity of the modern age, in search of perfection on the planet. KİNTSUGİ is a golden healing tradition that makes precious the fragmentation of wholeness that has grown in the heart of WABİSABİ, which is accepted as the permanent beauty within the existence of defect among the philosophies of the Far East, perhaps it is the transformation of a healing method into art.

While symbolizing rebirth, it defends the infinite beauty in imperfections and reveals the infinite beauty hidden in them when the broken pieces touch each other. In fact, it can be said that a
miraculous simplicity that turns human disappointments into satisfaction found spirit in ancient Japanese philosophy. KİNTSUGİ makes it right to believe that life, which is valued with the traces of fragmentation, is beautiful with all its flaws while the broken parts are repaired. This art, which is as aesthetic as it is minimalist, has obviously been trying to tell people a lot for centuries.

If life is to be completion from the deficient, gaining strength from difficulties, then instead of looking for perfection in life, accept life with its flaws so that, through your broken pieces, healed with an ointment of gold or silver, you may bestow yourself the chance to witness a the most colorful rebirth.


100×140, 200×140, 25×35, 50×70